Want to Help?

We want to make RUTHCon better every year, and are very grateful to those of you who have asked how to help us do so. Here are a few ways you can contribute:

  • Sponsor prizes for the Raffle. At the Saturday night cookout, we randomly pull attendees names for the chance to select something from our prize table. Want to donate or sponsor a prize? Contact Ruth@ruthconnc.com or use our contact form and we’ll get you set-up. In addition we’ll feature your name/company/current Kickstarter campaign in the sitebook & potentially around the con so people know who to thank.
  • Sponsor part of the Con. Want to provide breakfast? Or ice cream? Or something else? Contact us by emailing Ruth@ruthconnc.com or by using the contact form and we’ll get things set up.
  • Make a donation. We don’t charge badge fees and so many people have asked us to take some cash from them to help cover our costs. You can donate via Paypal (if you really feel you want to) by using this link.
  • Volunteer. As RUTHCon 2017 approaches, we’ll be posting volunteer sign-ups for people to help with various tasks, including clean-up, food prep, etc. Look out for more info closer to July.