Trades & Sales

Getting a bunch of people together in one place provides a perfect opportunity to get some unplayed or unwanted games into new homes where they’ll get to see a gaming table once more. We’ll have two main opportunities for getting rid of or gaining games at RUTHCon: a math trade and a combined virtual flea market/no-ship auction. In addition there will be the possibility of winning some new stuff through random giveaways and, potentially, Play to Win games.

The Math Trade

Updated on June 27th – The Math Trade has been cancelled.

The Virtual Flea Market/Auction

For those of you who just want cold, hard cash and empty shelf space in return for your games, we’ll also have a virtual flea market set up on BGG. We’ll be keeping the geeklist open almost up until the event itself to maximize your chances at a sale, and to allow for items that weren’t grabbed in the math trade to be offered up for sale.

Important dates:

  • June 20th – Geeklist opens for business (link)
  • July 12th – 11:59pm deadline for all sales/auctions

Completing Transactions

We will have a designated space available for games to be dropped off if people won’t be around at the same time to make direct trades/sales. If you leave games in this area, please clearly mark the name of the recipient with one of the provided post-its and we’ll do our best to make sure they get to the right people. We will not, however, take responsibility for getting cash to the correct parties, so if you’ll be completing a sale this way, we recommend taking care of payment via Paypal, the BGG marketplace, or an outside exchange of favours.